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Pirate Fighter Pin-Up Art by Artraccoon
Pirate Fighter Pin-Up Art
On the hull of the ACA-80 Pirate Fighter is the bit of Pin-Up Art.  For your enjoyment here is a close up.  The lettering is different, but looks cool. 
ACA-80 Pirate Fighter by Artraccoon
ACA-80 Pirate Fighter
    This is an ACA-80 fighter, fairly common among the independent outworlds.  This example is used by the "Boro Cluster Pirate Gang".   ACA-80s are easy to maintain and modify. and fairly rugged craft.  The missile armament varies, but this example is packing the standard four 30mm pulse laser cannons, two 20mm projectile cannons, and two triple missile pylons packing MMM-4D missiles.  The Boro Pirates operate these fighters from two large mother ships, one an armed converted freighter, the other an old battleship from some defunct Outworld regime.   

Design notes:  This design was based very much on the  Nieuport-SNCAO ACA-5, a French super-light fighter project of 1939.  
RPS-41D ShadowRay Recon Elint Craft by Artraccoon
RPS-41D ShadowRay Recon Elint Craft
 The Interstellar Axis Space Force's top line recon and intelligence gathering craft.   Information is a key to success in battle and in galactic politics, and the need to gather up to date and accurate information is the reason for ships like the RPS-41D.  The RPS-41D( Recon/ Patrol/ Surveilence ) uses assorted types of sensors, electronic & hyperwave eavesdropping systems, and tracking systems.  With a crew of 3 to 6, depending on the mission, the RPS-41D is used to shadow threat forces' fleets, suspected pirates and other criminals, gather information on space traffic, map and scan local environments, eavesdrop on planetary communications, and even generally monitor whole systems.  Using various stealth features ,well thought out flight paths, and excellent piloting skills, the RPS-41D can be almost invisible.  For those times that trouble does find the RPS-41D, it has weapons for self-defense and to aid an escape.  It is armed with two twin 7.6cm Plasmabolt cannon mounts with wide forward arcs, two front mounted 4cm Pulse Laser cannons in ball swivels, and one aft firing 3cm twin Pulse Laser cannon mount.  The 45 meter wide RPS-41D has surprising speed and maneuverability for a craft it's size, almost on par with heavy fighters and attack craft.  The FTL system has a maximum range of an estimated 500 light-years between between drive coil reset and recharge( 7 HRS), at a speed of 6.9 light years an hour. Most of these stats have been obtained from Axis Fleet open sources and may not reflect actual operational statistics. 
GeeBee 2271 by Artraccoon
GeeBee 2271

Gee Bee 2271, the classic racer returns as CosmoRacer. Equipped with plasma drives, and grav coils, it's ready for the 2272 Palm Springs Circumlunar Rally.

This image is for the background of the Race Queen/ Gail Powers art piece I been working on and using in my little art method show and share series that can be found here on DA. I decided that the whole craft deserved to be seen on it's own before being relegated to the background in another art piece. 

Black Kat RaceQueen art process Part 7 by Artraccoon
Black Kat RaceQueen art process Part 7
Well, the digital colors came together rather rapidly, so the seventh installment of this work process is ready to be shown and shared. I wanted this craft to have a fair amount of gloss, and to look very clean, the opposite of my utilitarian and military craft. I also wanted lots of chrome. The griffin logo is for a sponsor, the Noble Elemental Energy Products company. That was drawn separately then warped to fit the shape of the craft's nose. I really think this came out well. I'm considering adding a few more sponsors, but don't want it to get too cluttered...we'll see. Next, the two other characters and mid-ground subjects.     Visit my Facebook page for the latest on this series...but I will still get around to posting them here as…
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 Howdy!   On my "Artraccoon's Studio Page" on Facebook, I'm doing a series where I'm sharing a work in progress.  It's a loose step-by-step showing how I work on a piece of artwork. In this case a futuristic race queen posed on the nose of a racing aerospace craft parked at a show and race event. You all will see it from it's start as a BiC pen sketch, to inks, to digital colors, background development , to final I do it.  I'll try to do something daily on it, as time and work permit.  It's a glimpse into my process if you all are interested, and I hope you enjoy it.  Sexy redhead alert.   

You can get there from here...…


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Lee W. Madison
United States
Current Residence: Arlington , Texas
Favourite genre of music: Techno, Rock, Metal, and Classical
Favourite photographer: Bunny Yeager
Favourite style of art: Anime, fantasy, pin-up,& Sci-fi
Operating System: Windows
MP3 player of choice: none
Shell of choice: KwK43 L/71 8.8cm. Armor-piercing
Wallpaper of choice: A girl wearing only a cowboy hat & a smile
Skin of choice: female
Favourite cartoon character: Courage the Cowardly Dog
Personal Quote: Yes, I'm the A-Kon badge art guy!

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